San Vito holiday apartments

An arterial road that runs along the sea on one side and the railway on the other, clearly delimit a private area of 17,000 m2, intended in the PRG for tourist-accommodation facilities. The proposed intervention, as per the client's request, aims to enhance the tourist vocation of the area, proposing two types of activities which in recent years have found increasingly widespread consensus and users, within what is defined as itinerant tourism, be it local and international. The first activity involves the construction of a complex of tourist-hotel residences, consisting of 20 apartments divided between studios and three-room apartments to which common spaces are added; the other instead involves the creation of an area equipped for camper parking. The complex of tourist-hotel residences is planned in the part facing the Lungomare S. Vito with a view towards the sea, and is also made up of an outdoor space with swimming pool and a large

park, useful for the well-being of those staying but also necessary in compliance with the no-build constraint within 150 meters of the shoreline; the camper parking area is located in the northern part of the lot up to the railway line. The entrance to the entire area is via a driveway, common to both areas. This road starts from the Lungomare S. Vito and runs along the right border of the property, reaching first the building with the residences and then the equipped area.


Location: Mazara del Vallo

Year: 2020

Type: Accommodation facility

Client: Private
Designer: Davide Cambiolo

planimetria generale san vito.jpeg