Parish complex of Santa Maria d'Acquaviva

The new parish complex of Santa Maria d'Acquaviva was born from a natural dialogue with the environmental, cultural and social context of the surrounding area. The complex is an ecosystem of faith: a harmonious set of buildings and open spaces designed in close relationship with each other and with a strong spiritual impact. The churchyard and the concave façade represent a natural continuation of the internal space, symbolizing respectively the path of faith and God's embrace of the people. Together with the large cross of the bell tower and the long fountain which symbolizes purification and life, they create a large tree-lined urban square which guarantees the possibility of outdoor celebrations during the summer.

Location: Simeri Mare, Calabria, Italy

Year: 2020

Type of assignment: competition

Client: Archdiocese of Catanzaro-Squillace.
Designers: Francesco Lipari and Davide Cambiolo
Artist: Davide Holz

Liturgist: Sister Maria Cristina Cruciani

Consultants: Giuseppe Ferraro (structures), Fabrizio Pizziconi (systems and sustainability), Serafino Di Rosario and Link Acoustique (acoustics), Giorgio Butturini (lighting engineering).

Video: Chiara Pisano

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