Peppino 1950

The “Peppino 1950” project recovers the tradition and craftsmanship that have distinguished the delicious dishes prepared by the owner of the same name for seventy years. The restaurant, which has always been an important point of reference for the local community, is located in the historic center of Campofranco, a small Sicilian town. Its 140 square meters of space are divided into different environments and architectural moments. The sales area is characterized by large openings and the particular circular counter which houses the rotisserie and the snack bar. The bistro area, with olive green walls and ash wood benches, which define an intimate space ideal for lunches and aperitifs. The restaurant, a simple style space with a panoramic window that frames the greenery of the municipal villa. Finally, the kitchen, created in light colors to highlight the aluminum elements of the technical furniture.

Location: Campofranco, Sicily, Italy

Year: 2021

Type: Commercial

Project leader: OFL Architecture
Project team: Francesco Lipari and Davide Cambiolo 

Collaborators: Michele Schifano and Chiara Pisano
Works direction: Francesco Lipari

Creations: Montalto srl, Adamo marmi, Frangiamore marmi, 3S systems, Carpentry La Rosa, Carpentry La Piana, Vetreria Munì, Pera and Di Carlo fixtures, Zimbardo false ceilings, Ceramiche Bevilacqua, Vitellaro painting Client: Peppino srl, Calogero Augello.